How Travel Digital Diary Helps every Traveller

A TravelUR Digital Dairy is unique for each user and is customized as per their preferences. A childhood is incomplete without having a diary to look back upon and have a good laugh at every memory, every inconvenience, and every heartbreak. It is like a time machine that helps you go back to a place that you really cherished at one time and wish to relive again. A travel digital diary is just the same.

TravelUR Digital Dairy


This Digital Diary takes you back to the cobbled streets of Paris, the bustling streets of New York or the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. It lets to relive every bite, every sight and every sound that one filled your heart with gratitude and admiration.

TravelUR Digital Dairy


TravelUR is a travel social network that was created by a team of individuals who share a common love for traveling and their aim of bringing the world closer. By being a part of TravelUR, you are a part of the global community of travelers who learn from each other and help make the world a better place. One of the special features on our website and app is the option of creating a travel diary that also serves as a travel planner where you can store all your travel memories to share with your friends, family, and fellow travelers. You have the option of choosing who can access your travel diaries and how much information you want to make public for others to use when they plan a trip for themselves.

Explore the World - Digital Diary


A travel digital diary is unique for each user and is customized as per our preferences. It can be divided into different chapters based on city, country, restaurants or any other category that you might prefer. It also gives the option of adding pictures, videos, itineraries, maps and other areas of interest that will help in adding to the experience of a place of Digital Dairy.

Travel the World - Digital Dairy


There are multiple reasons why an online travel digital diary is soon going to become an indispensable part of your next holiday. A few of the advantages of investing your time in creating one is listed below:-

It offers the convenience of accessibility as it can be used on any computer, tablet, laptop, and mobile phone and hence there will never be a time when you will be without it.

It acts as your one-stop reference for everything that you want to see and do in a place. You can save all your wish lists in one place and not worry about forgetting that restaurant in Japan that serves the best sushi.

Flight Bookings - TravelURIt gives the option of storing an unlimited amount of pictures and so you do not have to restrict yourself the next time you want to pose in multiple ways in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Taj Mahal.

The maps that have been saved on the diary can be used as an offline feature as well so you do not have to fret about getting lost the next time you are stuck with slow Wi-Fi or no internet connection. It also helps to map travel routes so that others can follow it and plan their own itinerary along the same lines.

Unlike an actual diary, this does not get lost and so can be referred to years later as well.

Travel Together - TravelUR

It is a great way to share your travel experiences with your friends and family and make them feel like they are a part of the journey as well.

It gives you full control of how much information you want to share with whom.

It acts as a great communication tool to connect to fellow travelers, learn about their journey and take their help when you are planning your next holiday.

Travelling is the best teacher as it teaches you about the culture and traditions of a place. All your unique observations can be noted down in the diary and help enrich the experience of visiting a place.

Travel the World - TravelUR Digital Dairy

It offers a great option of reflecting back after you are back from the vacation. You can note down about the expected and the unexpected and in the process help yourself and other travelers as well.

It allows you to make a list of your recommendations that you can share with others and help them discover a place better.

The diary does not have to be just about the place you have been to or will be going to but it can also be about the places you wish to go to and what are your expectations out of it.

Best Destination - TravelUR


A digital diary is a great one point of reference for everything that you are looking forward to in a place and anything that will make your travel better should be grabbed with both hands.


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