5 Gloriously Green Destination Places To Explore!

There’s no end to the number of beautiful places to visit, but we’ve scoured the world to find the most serene and exhilarating green destination places.

These top 5 spots get our vote for the lushest hues and the most spectacular vistas anywhere.

1. Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica:

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Along the coastline of the protected Tortuguero National Park is the famous sea turtle nesting areas. But, the surrounding jungles, with their extraordinary biodiversity this green destination is a heaven on earth for the nature-loving travelers among us. You don’t have to walk the entire length of the park to explore. The marked trail along the beach is used to mostly observe the turtles nesting, but we recommend you to get a boat to see and explore the park. You can still get in that workout by rowing rented canoes and kayaks. Guides are essential to show around the best nesting sites. They are inexpensive and plentiful.


2. Black Forest, Germany:

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If the words Black Forest brings an image of the decadent dessert cake to your mind and not this verdant region in Germany, we have got a treat for your sore eyes! Nestled in southwest Germany, the settings of many Brothers’ Grimm fairytales draw inspiration from the bucolic towns of the Black Forest. Germans love their physical activity, so once you finish up your kayaking, hiking, and/or cycling holiday, you can ease those aching muscles whilst relieving your travel experiences with your group at one of the many world-renowned spas this green destination has to offer.


3. Mitre Peak, New Zealand:

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Mitre Peak is about 6,000 feet tall and is notoriously difficult to climb. If the adventurist in you wants to add this to a green destination to your ever-growing travel diaries, we totally recommend this. It juts straight up off the coast of New Zealand’s south island at Milford Sound. Mitre Peak is technically a fjord – if you’re down Milford Sound way, don’t miss this stunning vision hulking over the tranquil drops of the Sound. Talk to your travel planner to get to this lush green destination. You will definitely yearn to go back when you think of the travel memories from this trip.


4. YenBai, Vietnam:

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YenBai is a large agricultural region inhabited by Hmong rice and corn farmers in the People’s Republic of Vietnam. The harvest season in mid-September is a popular and vibrant time to plan a vacation to this exotic green destination and experience a unique culture. Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are the most famous landmark of Yen Bai. Visit in May-June or September-October, to witness the marvelous terraced rice fields. Visit during December – January if you want to experience a comforting dip in the hot springs amidst the cold winter of the North.


5. Isle of Skye, Scotland:

Video Credits – Stefan Zimmermann

We’re gonna let you in on a secret. Though Ireland is known for its sprawling green destinations, there are parts of Scotland that put this moniker to shame. To whit – the Isle of Skye. Whether you fancy village life, hiking, or bird/whale watching. Portree serves as an ideal point to witness the island’s many hidden gems. Don’t take our word for it – just plan a trip and go there. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy quiet mornings and evenings by staying the night in the Isle of Skye to explore the island when it’s still tranquil. This also means you don’t have to rush around so much and can enjoy a leisurely dinner and evening walk after a day of exploration.

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