Things You Need To Know About Coorg

We all know Coorg is known as “The Scotland of India”. And its beauty is infinite. Coorg is a tourist place and how well do you know this place? Here are certainly interesting things you need to know about Coorg.

1. Coffee plantation!

 Coffee plantation!

Coorg is a place where you will find a number of coffee plantations. Did you know, Coorg is the highest producer of coffee in India. For all you coffee lovers out there! Coorg will be your favorite place to try the original coffee beans.

2. Coorg famous for honey?

Kodagu is Asia's largest producer of honey

Yes! You heard that right. Virajpet which is one of the town’s in Kodagu is Asia’s largest producer of honey. Now you know where to go get the honey from!

3. Adventure and more!

Adventure activities in Coorg

Coorg is not only known for its scenic view and weather. It is also in for all the adventures. So if you are someone who loves doing the impossible, then this place will surely be your first love! There are various activities from the trekking, wildlife tour, river rafting, waterfall rappelling and many more.

4. Wildlife destination

Coorg is a home for wild animals

Coorg is a home for wild animals too. You will definitely enjoy the wildlife tour in here! Nagarhole National Park, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubare Elephant Camp are the major wildlife destinations in Kodagu district, Coorg.

5. To celebrate the Puthari Festival.

Puthari Festival

Puthari Festival is the name of the harvest festival. It is festive of “new rice”. It is celebrated with music, dance, and lots of traditional rituals. Usually happens during November and December.

6. Don’t forget the souvenirs!

Remembrance from your journey of life is something too precious to everyone. So don’t forget to pick the coffee, honey, Tibetan artifacts from Coorg!

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