10 Most Interesting Facts About Thailand…!

Known for its charming culture, history, locals, beaches, coastlines, and many more, Thailand is one of the most fun places to be in. This wonderful place has its own beauty and charm to the experience.

Well! Here are the ten most interesting facts you didn’t know about Thailand.

1. Different islands in Thailand have different seasons:

This is surprising to know, but it is true, every island has its own season. It all varies from island to island. Either is too hot or too cold or the in-betweens.

2. Thai temple tattoos are magically blessed:

Thailand Tattoos

The temple tattoo “Sak Yant”, is the most popular tattoos since it is magically blessed. You can get this done in any local tattoo store or authentic tattoo stores.

3. One of the best place for Diving:

Diving in Thailand

Indulge your love for Diving in the beautiful islands of Thailand. You will get the best experience in diving, for Thailand is known for its adventures.

4. Home to the Full Moon Party:

Full Moon Party in Thailand

Image Credits – https://www.phangan.info/venue/haad-rin-nok/

One of the best parties in the world, where people from all over the country come to visit and enjoy this party. It is magnificent, which has amazing lights and continuous party for a few days. If you are a party lover, this is a must place to visit.

5. Every year there is a festival mainly dedicated to the monkeys:

Monkey's Food Festival - Thailand

This is something unusual but yet true. In the month of November, there is an annual Lopburi Monkey Banquet that is hosted where more than 600 monkeys are welcomed and there is a feast of amazing food presented especially for monkeys. This is done with a belief that good luck will follow when the furry creatures are respected well.

6. All males were Buddhists monks for a while:

All Men's Buddhists in Thailand

There was a time before where all the boys were to become Buddhists monks until they turned 20.

7. Thailand has the world’s largest water fight every year:
Water Fight - Thailand

The Thai new year is known as Songkran and after which, for continuous three days, Thailand has a giant water fight. So anyone walking outside during Songkran will have to get wet as a ritual.

8. Thailand has around 1400 islands:

1400 Islands in Thailand

Thailand is the only place where there is an infinite number of islands. It has a vast population in the Asian Continental.

9. Thailand’s wildlife is a must to see:
Wild-life in Thailand

The wildlife is wild, the country is home to the smallest of mammals as well as the largest of them.

10. Thailand has infinite temples:

Thailand Temples

Thailand is known for worshipping the Buddha. It has an infinite number of temples that are beautiful to see and you should visit.


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