This Summer Travel Across India To Pamper The Adventurer In You!

The summer holidays are around the corner. For those looking to break free & gather some travel memories for a lifetime, plan a trip with your friends and family. Ditch your usual plans and do something different this time to satiate the adventure junkie in you.

India is blessed with enormous mountains and valleys, exotic forest or if that’s not your vibe, the vast azure beaches are in abundance too. There are loads of other places to visit in summer that provide some respite from the scorching heat wave which makes this a popular summer destination.

Summer Holiday Trip

If there’s anything that makes the heart pound with exhilaration and gives you chills yet you feel that sense of sheer happiness, only adventures can do that. It doesn’t have to be restricted to just adventure sports such as Zorbing or Parkour. Traveling itself is an adventure that can take you just about anywhere. Do you want that adrenaline rush? Are you up for similar experiences too? Do you want your heart to race nomadic while laughing all the way through?

Then, the adventure trip to these summer destinations will make that possible for you. From treading the steepest slopes of the Manali or an intense white water river rafting experience in Rishikesh to walking on the dunes the Thar Desert or just a ride on the back of donkeys in Ladakh, the variety on your adventure plate here is impalpable and the summer destinations in the sub-continent are endless.

Summer Adventure

Your adventure streak in India will take you from the cold regions of the Himalayas to spine chilling eerie palaces. But there is only one rule, dare to take chances this summer. If you are in for that, then your adventure tour is already a success. So, get ready to parasail, skydive, trek, camp, raft, and do everything under the sun at these summer destinations.

Highlights of Adventure in India

Water sports are an adventurist’s absolute winner when they think of getting away or even if it’s just for a short period. India is rich in water bodies which offer the ultimate experiences of flyboarding in Goa to scuba diving in the Havelock islands. If you’re looking to get out for a day, surf the waves of Chennai whilst devouring some scrumptious seafood.

Water Sports - Summer Adventure

Craving a different type of buzz? Raid the Himalayas with your friends on a motorcycle tour with some spine-chilling destinations on the go. This adventure tour in India calls out for riders with the nerves of steel. Why? Well, because the terrain is too tricky to handle. Astonished already? Well, that’s its beauty. This one would be shining merit in your travel diaries.

Riding in Summer

If you are a thrill seeker looking for something offbeat, go caving in Meghalaya which has some of the longest and deepest caves in India. This is done in groups and has an extreme side to it. Cavers focus on finding new caves, but there are more than a few that do it for the scientific nature of conservation and photography. Summer is the best time to do it as the water levels in Meghalaya is the lowest.

Meghalaya Caves - Summer Vacation

Skiing through seamless white snow is another offering of the adventure sports in India. This thrilling experience can take you as high as 4,000 meters in Gulmarg to the top of Mt. Apharwat. Then, there is an added bonus of unlimited terrains. Woohoo!

Snow Skiing in Summer

There are hundreds of summer destinations across India which fit the criteria of every travel planner ranging across every budget. There’s definitely something for everyone to do.

So get your group excited and plan a trip of a lifetime!



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