Why Portugal’s Boom Festival Must Be In Your Bucket List!


Every country has some festival which makes it stand out from the rest. These festivals may have some traditional or religious significance to the country. They may also have the relationship with the culture or the arts of that country.
Many countries across the globe have their annual music festivals which attract music lovers from the all over the world. One such festival famous for music and arts is the ‘Boom Festival of Portugal’.

The Boom Festival:
The Boom Festival is a weeklong festival held in Portugal. The main theme of this festival is music, but it also gives importance to arts. The people attending this event are generally given the names-‘Boomers’. The Boomland hosts this festival. This festival acts as a global platform and gives a chance to all the artists in music as well as any other art form.

Boom Festival is a weeklong festival held in Portugal

Aim Of Boom Festival:

In the recent times, boom festival has become the art of living for many people. It helps the people to improve their state of mind. People belonging to different age, culture, religion, and nationality, come together to this festival. The different principles based on which this festival works include peace, oneness, creativity, culture, sustainability, evolution, love, care, transcendence, etc.

Events At Boom Festival:

Along with the performances of different genre of music, many other events take place during the festival. These different events in the Boom festival include the art gallery, sculptures, street theater, meditation, lectures and discussions, film screening, fire performances, etc.

This festival also aims to improve the health of the visitors. Hence, different health-related workshops are also organized. The organizers provide special healing areas, pools for water therapy, yoga classes, and many other healing techniques.

Music Stages:

This musical event of Boom festival started in 1997. With time, the events got a huge response from the audience and it then started the celebration on the larger scale. There are five different stages set for the music events. These sets include:

  • The Dance Temple: This set is basically for the natural trance and the psytrance music.
  • The Alchemy Circle: It includes the new and fresh type of music. It also includes the experimental genre of music. The different forms of music on this stage include progressive psytrance, psytechno, house and different combinations of them.

boom festival alchemy circle

  • The Sacred Fire Stage: This stage hosts the live performance from the artists from the different parts of the world placing world music.

Boom Festival Sacred Fire Stage

  • The Ambient Source: This stage is for the people who like to listen to the all-time chill-out music form.

boom festival Ambient Source

  • The Funky Beach Stage: This is one of the most happening types of the stage for playing the electronic dance music.

Boom Festival Funky Beach Stage

Funding For Boom Festival:

The Boom festival does not get any funds from the government or any other private company. The money collected from the sales of the tickets for this event is the only source of funds for organizing the entire event. Many people come ahead and help in the managing and organizing this weeklong festival.

Eco-Friendly Approach:

This festival ensures that they do not harm our mother nature under any circumstances. The organizers of this festival have taken some eco-friendly approaches that help to lower the ecological burden. These different eco-friendly projects taken up by the organizers include:

  • Public Transport: Participants and music lovers from different parts of the world attends this festival. For making their travel convenient, the organizers of this festival have started the bus service from the airport to the Boomland. This service is helpful to the attendees in many ways. It helps to save time and money. As it is a public transport, less carbon dioxide is released into the air. This aids to keep the environment fresh.
  • Waste Management: The waste generated during the festival gets segregates into degradable, non-degradable and recyclable. The degradable material helps in making the composted manure. The cups and plate used during this festival are from the potato source which is biodegradable. The material which has the property of recycling gets reused in different forms.

Boom Festival Waste Management:

  • Water Treatment: Boomland has its own water treatment plant which uses the technique of bioremediation and evapotranspiration. The water from the bars, restaurants, showers, etc. passes through the garden beds and plant filters to remove the toxins. Enzymes also act on this water to make it clean.
  • Compost Toilets: Boomland has started making the humanure from the toilet waste. For this purpose, they have installed the composting tank beneath the toilets which collect the waste. It has a specialized composting bed made from carbon and nutrients which help to neutralize the odor. The compost formed gets analyzed in a lab and once it is good it gets added to the soil.

Additional Facilities:

The Boom festival also provides some additional facilities to all the Boomers which include:

  • Young Dragon: The Young Dragon is a separate space allotted to the kids and their parents. It organizes some events for the kids like cinema, theatre, workshops, playgrounds, etc. At this place, the children can spend their time with their parents. It also provides a resting area for the kids during the hot afternoons.

Boom Festival Young Dragon

  • Parking Space: Many visitors come to the festival in their own cars or caravans. The Boomland provides them with enough space for parking their vehicles. This parking space is well maintained and near the main ground.
  • Wanbli Tipi Camp: The traditional accommodation of the tribal people included the Tipis and the star tents. In the Wanbli camp, people can opt for staying in these tents which help them to connect to the Mother Nature. The surrounding of the tents has greenery and beautiful views. These tents are available in sharing and can accommodate 2-5 members.

Boom Festival Wanbli Tipi Camp

  • Special Service: The Boom festival organizers have a separate special needs team to assist the differently abled person attending this festival. The members of this team take good care of these differently abled people. They have a separate camping area, adapted toilets, lowered bar counters, wheelchair friendly showers, ramps, etc.

Any person having the love for music and art should make a point to add this destination and Boom Festival on their bucket list. TravelUR can help you arrange the trip.

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