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Flying has become more of a need than a luxury for passengers, and to meet these needs, the airlines are in the race to provide the most coveted comforts for their passengers. There are several airlines which provide lavish as well as expensive services to the passengers in order to boost their travel experience with quality food, alcohol, bedding comfort, in-flight entertainment, etc. On that note, let’s get on board the eight luxury airlines in the world that will entice you will their grandeur and opulence.

1. Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines - Luxury Airlines

Imagine how amazing it would be to get your own luxury suite having a single or a double bed, get your own pajamas and slippers even spa facilities? Unbelievable right? Singapore Airlines offers it all for a price of $5500 to $23000 including a fancy bar and made to order food. Needless to say, there are unlimited in-flight entertainment options with a personal television and wi-fi.

2. Emirates:

Emirates - Luxury Airlines

The first-class suites of this Dubai based airline are the most sought after in the luxurious airlines class. A full bed, a welcome kit by Bulgari, and also a separate bathroom for the first-class passengers complete with shower facilities. Wait, what?!

The bar has an assortment of wine and liquors you can choose from. This luxury airline is worth every moolah spent on!

3. Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways - Luxury Airlines

As compared to other luxury airlines, this airline may take a back seat for lack of privacy but other services like food, toilet facilities, in-flight entertainment make up for it. This airline serves over 140 destinations across the globe and has a lounge bigger than 10 Olympic size swimming pools.

4. All Nippon Airways:

All Nippon Airways - Luxury Airlines

On the inside, Japan’s All Nippon Airways looks like a train cabin with a boxlike structure giving both a designer appeal as well as some privacy. Apart from the bedding arrangements and food, you are sure to get ample leg space and walking room. Additionally, you get your own personal closet and international telephone. Now that’s something!

5. British Airways:

British Airways - Luxury Airlines

The first class of this luxury airlines is only available on flights that go from New York to London. All passengers are provided with a sleeping kit – Pajamas and slippers, in-flight entertainment, both facial and spa treatments. Plus, passengers can enjoy all these facilities while sipping the piping hot Brit-tea up in the air!

6. Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific - Luxury Airlines

Cathay Pacific is a Hong-Kong based airline which provides non-stop flights to international destinations like Chicago, San Francisco, New York, etc. This luxurious airline has been awarded the title of World’s Best Airline a number of times in a row now. The interiors of Cathay Pacific have been done by international designers and provide a touch of class. This airline promises to provide an in-flight experience like nowhere else and also has the reputation of serving the finest food onboard – an assortment of cheese, fresh fruits, and main course. Who wouldn’t like to travel on this flight!

7. Etihad Airways:

Etihad Airways - Luxury Airlines

Etihad Airways in another one of the most luxurious airlines. While it’s economy and business class seats offer more comfort than any other airline, its first class leaves no stone unturned to provide all the luxuries to its passengers. The fare for this class ranges from $600 to $1500 and to top it off, you get a personal butler and chef too! It’s like staying at a 5-star hotel up in the sky. Amazing, right?

8. Qantas Airlines:


Qantas Airlines - Luxury Airlines

This Australian luxurious airline is class apart wherein they provide spa facilities before take-off, priority check-ins and lounge facilities. You get your own spacious bedroom including a pillow menu, closet, in-flight entertainment, and designer toiletries. Needless to say, you’ll be served the finest food with a variety of options for wine and liquor. What more can one want? However, for the first class starts at a whopping $10,500, crazy, isn’t it?

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