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Let’s be honest, it’s not always possible for a person to travel and spend so much money. Corporate jobs, the time factor, money – all these tend to come in one’s way of exploring the world. But that shouldn’t deter you from your passion for travel. Whether you’re looking for exotic food destinations, or need help in deciding another vacation destination, this list of travel shows and documentaries on Netflix will help you do just that!

Here is a list of 8 travel shows on Netflix that you must watch if you are a travel enthusiast and wish to inspire adventure. Am sure, most of these travel shows will have you booking a flight even before the series is over.

1. Departure:

Departures - Travel Shows

Departures is about two friends, Scott, and Justin as they head for a year of around the world travel along with their camera. They cover several countries like India, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Cuba, etc. giving insights about each country, the beautiful views, and the exotic food as they travel. This show about their adventures and misadventures is so relatable that you’ll see some of yourself and your travels in them, for sure!

2. Tales by Light:

Tales by Light - Travel Shows

Tales by Light isn’t any regular travel show but a show where the main focus is the photographer i.e. the person behind the camera, the challenges they face, the stories they tell, etc. In this two-season long series, the photographers happen to be some of the best in the world who globe trot to simply find the best shot. The creators have tried to cover every corner of the world in these two seasons full of breathtaking episodes and crazy escapades. Just so inspiring!

3. Somebody Feed Phil:

Somebody Feed Phil - Travel Shows

Somebody Feed Phil has been created by Phil Rosenthal, creator of the successful sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”. In this show, Rosenthal travels around the world while eating that country’s traditional food and meeting new people. It’s hilarious to watch an American who is so clueless when it comes to foreign dishes. This series is no doubt as much about Rosenthal’s travel journey as much as it is about a great meal with new friends!

4. Planet Earth:

Planet Earth - Travel Shows

Touching almost every geographical corner the world has to offer, this series is a treat to the eyes. BBC spent years filming the wild world which paid off by finally becoming the most influenced documentary on food and travel filmmaking. This series is for all the travel buffs out there who wish to take a look beyond human culture.

5. The World’s  Most Extraordinary Homes:

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a British documentary miniseries wherein the hosts – award-winning architect Piers Taylor and Actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world to take you inside the architectural marvels and unconventional homes of people. Whether built into the side of the cliff, on top of a mountain, nestled in a forest or hidden under the earth, they shall explore a range of incredibly designed houses, stay overnight, eat meals and spend time in the homes.  According to the audience, this show is super addictive. Well, it’s time to watch it, isn’t it?

6. Canon Without Borders:

Conan Without Boarders - Travel Shows

Conan Without Borders is a late-night talk show where the host – Conan O’Brien hits the roads and travels to various parts of the world where he meets different people, enjoys the food and culture and infuses all of this with his trademark humor. He has a knack of getting people to open up, lighten their moods with his humor and thereafter delve into serious topics like a war or any humanitarian crisis.

7. Dark Tourist:

Dark Tourist - Travel Shows

Dark Tourist isn’t any ordinary travel show – but an extremely interesting and bizarre show that revolves around “Dark Tourism” ie experiencing haunted houses, war zones, radioactive towns, disaster-stricken areas, etc. This travel show covers places one wouldn’t have even heard of in countries like Japan, USA, Kazakhstan, etc. This show not only helps to know more about these peculiar places around the globe but also helps increase your knowledge about the world.

8. Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father:

Jack Whitehall - Travel Shows

Jack Whitehall, a British comedian decides to take a sabbatical and explore different countries around the globe. It’s a super fun show where he even takes his father along – someone who is not so fond of traveling to new countries. This show is a perfect blend of comedy and travel as they explore countries like Vietnam, Phuket, Hanoi, etc.

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