Best places to see the Dussehra event!

India is a country which celebrates every festival with immense grace, that’s one of the reasons why we call it Incredible India? Every festival that we celebrate has its own significance. And it is important for us to know the history behind it. Only then we tend to enjoy it with more enthusiasm. It’s how you embrace every celebration. We have all heard the story of Ramayana, for all those who don’t remember let me brief you on it. Dussehra festival is a symbol of enlightening peace and love against evil and hatred.

According to the history, Ravana, the evil, kidnapped the goddess Sita and took her to his palace. There he tortured her and forced her to live away from her husband, Lord Ram, who fought for his wife by accomplishing the hurdles coming in his way and was also accompanied by his brother Hanuman and Lakshman. The battle was fought and Sita was saved from the evil. Lord Ram beheaded Ravana and won his love back. To celebrate this occasion, Dusherra festival came in the picture.

It is mostly celebrated by Hindus but all the other religions also attend and follow the festival of love. Dusherra is followed by nine-day Hindu festival and the main celebration is on the tenth day (Dashmi). All these 10 days are filled with the true spirit of the festive season. There are also carnivals and events conducted during this time.

You cannot miss out on these cities to celebrate the Dusherra festival


Durga Puja in kolkata

Kolkata is the city of joy when Dusherra is celebrated. The Durga Puja is the main festive celebration here. The whole city is decorated with lights and pandals. There is music, dance, delicious cuisines and lots of love. The pandals decorated looks immensely beautiful and the ladies here wear the traditional Bengali saree and red vermilions bindi’s on their forehead bringing in a spark on this occasion. There are also themes which display social messages and stories of myth. Bengali sweets are irresistible. You must try the “Roshogulla” which is nothing but Rasgulla, it’s sweet that’s white in color and melts in your mouth when you eat it. The last day is the grand affair of the Durga Puja. Some of the famous pandals are in Kumurtuli Park, Suruchi Sangha, Jodhpur Park, College Square, and Bagbazaar. So travel this Dusherra to Kolkata and witness the best celebrations.

2. Delhi

Delhi during Dussehra

Delhi being the capital of India is also one of the best places to visit during Dussehra. The most awaited scene to watch here is the Ram-Leela play conducted during this time all over the city. The scene depicts Lord Ram beheading the evil Ravana. There are several theatres which conduct these roleplays. One of the to-do lists is the event which is happening in the streets of Chandni Chowk. So get ready to fall in love with the epic scene of Ramayana this Dusherra at Delhi.

3. Varanasi

visit Varanasi to watch the Ram-Leela

The aura of spirituality is brought in during Dusherra in Varanasi. For continuous 10 days, Ram-Leela is presented. Ram-Leela is a dance drama where they depict the life of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman in a dance form. This is beautiful to watch! You must visit Varanasi to watch the Ram-Leela beside Ramnagar Fort which is performed since the 1800s.

4. Gujarat

Dussehra in Gujarat

Gujarat is not just famous for jalebis and phaphadas but also prominent for Garba. During Dusherra every night for continuous nine days all around Gujarat, ladies perform Ras Garba. Where you will see people dancing in a Gujarati attire with dandiya sticks. It is very fascinating to watch the dance. You should visit Vadodara for celebrating Navaratri. So this Dusherra put on your dancing attire and celebrate the festive season in Gujarat.

5. Mysuru

Dussehra in Mysuru

You will be stunned seeing the Dusherra celebration in Mysuru. This is one of the grand celebrations in Karnataka and is happening in 400 years. The festive is taken place in the Mysuru Palace which is magnificently decorated with lights that capture the attention of the people. Plenty of dance performances, music, and drama is conducted during these 10 days. There are also exhibitions held where people can buy a variety of jewelry, handicrafts, clothes, and stunning ornaments.

So now you know where to go this Dusherra. Pack your bags and have an amazing vacation this October. For it’s the season of festive, colors, love, and happiness around you!

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