10 Best Diwali Vacation Trips in India

Diwali is around the corner, and we all love the idea of celebrations. During this time, India is beautifully decorated with sparkling lights, radiant colors of attires, lots of tasty bites and enhancing the feeling of love from our friends and family. It’s the best time for vacation, everyone is in the holiday mood! Why not visit the amazing places with your people and celebrate Diwali differently this time? Here are 10 best Diwali vacation trips that you must go on.

1. Arunachal Pradesh

Diwali in Arunachal Pradesh

One of the most beautiful places in India, commonly known as “The land of rising sun”, this place has infinite species and mammals and is famous for a wildlife sanctuary. If you wish to experiment something different this Diwali, then Arunachal Pradesh is on your top list. So explore the nature and enjoy the treks amides rivers this vacation.

2. Varanasi

Diwali in Varanasi

Also known as “The cultural capital of India”, Varanasi has a grand celebration during Diwali. During this time, Dev Deepawali event is conducted which is a holy festival and you will find people chanting prayers and enjoying the festival in Varanasi.

3. Delhi

Diwali in Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi is also one of the best places to visit during this festive season. Don’t miss out on the “Taash Party”, a fun game where people gather and play cards with lots of entertainment. For the shopaholic lovers out there! You must visit Delhi for an amazing shopping spree, and of course the delicious food.

4. Amritsar

Diwali in Amritsar

The Golden Temple is decorated beautifully with sparkling lights and diyas all around. There are crackers bursting and you can even take a dip in the pond. The feeling of the festival definitely arises when you visit this place during Diwali.

5. Kolkata

Diwali in Kolkata

The capital of West Bengal which is known for its cultural festive is surrounded with dazzling lights during Diwali. The streets are filled with tasty food and of course, the shopping area is a must to visit.

6. Jaipur

Diwali in Jaipur

Sweetness overload during this time in Jaipur. You will love the delicious sweets that are cooked and also don’t forget to visit the city streets to illuminate the lights and sparkles in Jaipur.

7. Matheran


Located near Mumbai, this hill station is one of the places you will love to visit. During Diwali, the entire hill turns green and the temperature is also dropped to a pleasant range. It’s a perfect spot to stay with your loved ones during the vacation.

8. Kutch


This is a huge desert in Gujarat and during Diwali, the weather is pleasant and peaceful. You must visit the Royal Palace and the beach when in Kutch.

9. Kashmir

Well! It is always a beautiful place. This is a perfect destination during Diwali. Celebrating it with snow. Isn’t it fascinating?

10. Ayodhya

Diwali in Ayodhya

The home of Lord Ram is a definite place to visit during Diwali. The whole city is light up rejoicing the love of Lord Ram.

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