5 cheap places to travel in November and December!

places to travel

Just when long weekends are around the corner, all we think about is travel. Even if you are a little low on the budget this time. There are still amazing places that you can visit. And what is the best thing to do during the winter season? Sipping your coffee amidst the lakes, or the beautiful nature. Here are 3 cheap places to travel in the month of November and December.

1. Alleppy – Kerala

Kerala is a place to travel in winter

Popularly known as “The Venice of the East”, this place is the hub for backwaters. There are thousands of houseboats in here. Every boat having its own significance with air conditioning and amazing budget-friendly accommodating facilities. If you desire to have a relaxing experience and when you are a little low on the budget. Then this place is one of a kind.

2. Kasol


Known for its scenic spots, this budget-friendly place is a must to visit during November and December. If you are looking for adventures then treks are your savior in Kasol, there are beautiful places where you can trek and explore the adventure in you! People usually love to stay in tents here and enjoy the nature love. Oh! And don’t forget to try the Israeli cuisine.

3. Kodaikanal


Wondering where to go this vacation? Kodaikanal is your destination. It’s a beautiful hill station that will definitely make you fall in love with nature. Known for its scenic spots like Pillar Rocks, Silver Cascade Falls, Dolphin’s Nose, Moir Point, etc. Kodaikanal is the best to visit during November and December.

4. Shillong


This place is an incredible destination to visit during November – December. Shillong is a hill station which has a pleasant temperature during this season. Do not forget to visit the Dwaki river. The water in hear is so clear that you might have an illusion of the boat flying in the air. Isn’t that a beauty to watch?

5. Karizanga National Park – Assam

 Karizanga National Park - Assam

December is the perfect time to visit this place, you can spot rhinos in here! This national park is also a large density of tiger reserves. Karizanga national park is perfect to visit during December, to enjoy the cool winters and spot wildlife.

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