10 Places You Need to Visit in India with your Best Friend

These 10 Places You Need to Visit in India with your Best Friend. Friends make everything better in life. Whether it is in the middle of a boring lecture or on a deserted island, the only person you need is your best friend to help you get through. Every friendship includes plans of going on holidays together and creating travel memories. To make it easier for you to plan your getaway, here is a compiled list of 10 places that you should consider when you plan a vacation together.

1. Manali:

Manali - Top 10 Places in India

Manali is one of the top 10 places in India. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, on the banks of the River Beas, this town is known for some of the most picturesque mountains that attract people from all over. One can trek in the Parvati Valley, ski in the Solang Valley, paraglide or raft in the Pir Panjal Mountains or simply backpack around this beautiful hill station.

2. Andaman and Nicobar:

Andaman and Nicobar - 10 Places in INDIA

One of the most exotic destinations in India, this is a group of 572 islands that are famous for water activities. The water of this island has a lot to offer from exotic fishes, coral reefs, submerged boats, and clean islands. Enjoy boating, scuba diving, and jet skiing, snorkeling, and parasailing. There are a certain peace and calm that envelopes this place which will make you want to stay here forever.

3. Goa:

Goa - Top 10 Places in India

Have you ever traveled anywhere in India with your travel buddies, if you have not been to Goa? One of the most popular destinations in India, this small state is known for its beaches, vibrant restaurants, exotic parties, and the Sunburn Festival. Apart from this, there is a lot of influence of Portuguese architecture in the various churches, museums, and forts that must be visited. You can get cheap flight tickets from Bombay or Bangalore or even turn it into a road trip if you have more time in hand.

4. Hampi:

Hampi - Top 10 Places in India

A temple town located in Vijayanagara, Karnataka it is a laid back holiday spot that was made popular by the tourists because of its hippie culture. The ruins of many Hindu temples add to the religious and cultural heritage of the place. One can row on coracles, bathe with elephants and go biking around the town.

5. Gokarna:

Gokarna - Top 10 Places in India

Mini-Goa is another name for this place in Karnataka which has some beautiful beaches with pristine sand, coconut trees, and crystal clear water. You can camp with a bonfire at the beach, practice some yoga, indulge in Ayurveda massages, take part in water sports and do some shopping.

6. Spiti Valley:

Spiti Valley - Top 10 Places in India

Located in between India and Tibet in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh, it is often referred to as the ‘Little Tibet’ of India. The snow clad mountains offer some magnificent views and are a great place to experience the beauty of nature. The other major attractions along with the monasteries are Lalung Lake and Dhandhar Lake for camping.

7. Pondicherry:

Pondicherry - Top 10 Places in India

This little town in the South will take you back to the streets of Paris with its food and architecture. Home to some of the most beautiful churches, temples, and colonial buildings there are also pristine beaches to feed your soul. Beautiful cafes offer authentic French cuisine and some of the best desserts to tantalize your taste buds.

8. Alleppy:

Alleppy - Top 10 Places in India

The backwaters of Kerala are famous for their beauty and Alleppy lies at the heart of this. It is one of the finest places to visit with your friends or family and huddle up in one of the boathouses while marveling at the wonders of nature. Do some bird-watching, get a massage and sip on some of the sweetest coconut water you can find.

9. Sikkim:

Sikkim - Top 10 Places in India

A part of the seven sisters, this state in Eastern India is an unexplored gem. Home to the mighty Kanchenjunga Mountains, glaciers, beautiful landscapes and different wildflower varieties this place is a must visit for naturalists and adventure enthusiasts. Treat yourself to some rafting and paragliding with a plate of momos in one hand and hot cocoa in the other.

10. Rishikesh:

Rishikesh - Top 10 Places in India

If the river rafting is your thing, then this is the place to go. Situated beside the river Ganga in Uttarakhand, this holy city is famous for certain water sports. Apart from river rafting, you can experience the outdoors with bonfires, stargazing and riverside camping. Some of the best holiday packages in India include the above activities and it is always better to experience this in groups.

Travelling is always fun when done with the right people and no better person to explore all these 10 places than with your best friend. Plan your trip in advance or go on an impromptu one. Stay in tents or beautiful hotels. Whatever you do, make sure you click a lot of pictures so that you’ll have something to laugh about years later.


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