10 Game of Thrones Filming Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

As the final season of Game of Thrones is coming to end, we couldn’t help but get ourselves to look into the real-life destinations that serve as the perfect backdrop for this historic TV series. This show has had us on the edge of our seats for almost eight years now with a plot line that delivers a twist every few minutes.

These are few of the destinations where our favorite characters have lived, breathed and all too often – died! Now is the perfect time to plan the ultimate Game of Thrones vacation to the most notable filming locations which have become a huge tourist attraction for the travelers.

1.Dragonstone – Itzurun Beach, Zumaia, Spain:

Dragon stone - Game of Thrones

Dragonstone is one of the most important locations in Game of Thrones, can be seen in almost every episode of season seven.

The beach scenes have been shot at the Itzurun Beach in Zumaia which is a small town in Northern Spain. This rocky beach is a spectacular stretch of sand bordered by rock formations and has the scenic diagonal cliff sides which can be seen in many shots with Daenerys and Jon.

2. Stairs to Dragonstone – San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain:

Stairs to Dragonstone - Game of Thrones

The winding bridge that leads from Dragonstone’s beach to the castle is located in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain. This is the exact location from where Jon Snow witnessed the dragons for the first time. These snaking staircases are located near San Sebastian but are closer to Bilbao.
Unfortunately, only a small chapel awaits you at the top, not a magnificent castle !! 😛
3. King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia:

King's Landing - Game of Thrones

King’s Landing, or as it’s known in real life – Dubrovnik, a Croatian city is one of the most important locations on the show featuring in all seasons. The old town is a maze of cathedrals, terracotta-roofed houses, dramatic cliffs and stone walls. The amazing views from this city make it a perfect seat for the King(s) of Westeros.

4. Winterfell, Castle Ward, Ireland:

Winterfell, Castle Ward - Game of Thrones

Castle Ward was one of the first ever locations viewers ever laid their eyes upon. The seat of House Stark, this place has a unique charm of its own and has held an important place since the beginning of the “Game of Thrones” show. You can bike around or even take archery lessons at this 18th century property located in Northern Ireland, near to the village of Strangford.

5. The Water Gardens of Dorne – The Alcazar, Seville, Spain:

The Water Gardens of Drone - Game of Thrones

Seville’s iconic Alcazar can be seen in season five as the setting for the palace of Dorne. This 10th century palace is still in use in Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its lush gardens, elaborately tiled courtyards, gilded ceilings, sunken gardens, and arcade pavilions, this royal palace has left a lasting impression on the audience.

6. Tower of Joy – Castle of Zafra, Spain:

Tower of Joy - Game of Thrones

This medieval castle featured as “Tower of Joy” in the sixth season is an enigmatic fortress that holds the secret to Jon’s birth. Located in Guadalajara, Spain, the Castle of Zafra is a 12th century castle where Jon’s parentage was revealed. Owing to its remote location and scarcity of habitation around, it was the main reason this castle was featured on the show.

7. Beyond the Wall – Vatnajokull, Iceland:

Beyond the Wall - Game of Thrones

Europe’s largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull is known for its enormous glaciers, surging waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and sharp cliffs. Featured in season two and three, “Beyond the Wall” scenes, where the White Walkers live were shot here. It’s an extremely picturesque location which captured the dramatic event involving Jon, Ygritte and the Night’s Watch.

8. Highgarden – Castillo de Almodovar del Rio, Spain:

High Garden - Game of Thrones

This fairytale castle which serves as the seat of House Tyrell was first showcased during Jaime Lannister’s unexpected siege of Highgarden in season seven. Castillo de Almodovar del Rio, originally a Roman fort, is a castle in the Province of Cordoba in Spain. This exquisite castle is open to the public and visitors can explore its towers, dungeons, and battlements.

9. Braavos – Girona, Spain:

Braavos - Game of Thrones

Braavos – the city where Arya learns how to become one of the Faceless Men at the House of Black and White was filmed in Girona during season six. This medieval center with walled quarters, the

Roman fortress remains and Arab bathhouses served as a major setting for the city of Braavos.

10. The Dark Hedges – County Antrim in Northern Ireland:

The Dark Hedges - Game of Thrones

This tunnel of serpentine beech trees is the most photographed spot in Northern Ireland. It is better known as Kingsroad to the Game of Thrones fans and appears in season two when Arya heads north in search of her family. Bright sunlight, thick fog, and golden sunsets draw photographers from around the world to capture this tunnel in all its glory.


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