10 Crazy Restaurant Ideas in the World

Ever imagined what would it be like to dine at a sink, eat and drink from a toilet bowl or a urinal glass or dine in between graves or underwater? Yes, these are some of the absolutely insane restaurant ideas all over the world.

It is said that food brings people closer, although true, but why keep eating at the same boring restaurants always?

It’s time to bond with people over these 10  crazy restaurants and try something way unusual and unique. Let’s see if you have the bravado to try any of them!

1. Modern Toilet Taiwan

Modern Toilet
Modern Toilet Taiwan – Restaurant

Image Credits:- dishanews.com

Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this restaurant basically looks like a large bathroom. Without a doubt, although the serving dishes and utensils are clean and food is amazing, there are huge toilets hung on the walls and you have to sit on a commode type seating and dine over a sink turned into a table. Moreover, can you imagine what your chocolate ice-cream would look like? Yes, poop! Your drinks would be served in urinal glasses and food in toilet bowls. Still feel like trying this restaurant?

2. Ninja New York, New York

Ninja New york
Ninja New York Restaurant

Image Credits :-Voodoo Video Centre & Social Networking

This restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. With ninjas flying in from all directions, creeping out of the cupboards and jumping right at you, they are as stealthy as those you see on television. Located in New York, this high-end Japanese restaurant will be found in the TriBeCa neighborhood. In between your meals, the ninjas will also entertain you with magic tricks and knife demonstrations.

3. Undersea Resturant, China

Undersea Resturant
Undersea Resturant

One of the famous undersea restaurants, this one draws 6000 cubic square water from an ocean and includes more than 500 varieties of marine organisms. Its like watching fishes while they see you watching them! As crazy as it may sound, its actually a visual treat to your eyes to sit in an all-glass restaurant and to have your food while seeing those amazing creatures swim by you.

4. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill
Heart Attack Grill Restaurant

This hospital-themed restaurant has waitresses dressed up as nurses, patrons as patients and the orders are called prescriptions. This restaurant has people coming in from across the globe. Each “patient” here has to don a hospital gown before ordering from a high-calorie menu and those who don’t finish their meals get a paddling by one of the nurses.

A true fact, two people have actually died at this restaurant from heart attack related causes, so anyone who enters this restaurant is sure to take a gamble with his health.

5. Dans Le Noir, England

Dans Le Noir
Dans Le Noir Restaurant

Image Credits:- Aspasios

Have you ever had your meals in complete darkness? Yes, this restaurant does just that. You have to rely on your servers for everything, including bathroom breaks. The customers are led by the hand to their tables and even the menu is a complete surprise. Only the dietary preferences of the customers are taken, rest is all about experiencing the meals. The concept of restaurant has become quite famous and is currently operational in several cities.

6. Dinner in the sky, Worldwide

Dinner In the Sky
Dinner In the Sky

Image Credits:- Erin Kuschner

Found throughout the world, this concept of wining and dining hundreds of feet up in the air is once in a lifetime experience. Suspended from a crane, high up in the air, strapped to your seat, quality chefs prepare you delicious meals. Plus, you can seat upto 22 people on one table, so this is a perfect place for a dinner party or go lunching with your closest friends.

7. Robot Restaurant, China

Robot Resturant
Robot Resturant

Image Credits:- Paul Jorion’s

As unique as it sounds, robots are used to deliver dishes to customers. A total of 20 robots are used to cook meals. They can work continuously for a few hours, can display over 10 expressions on their faces and can even say welcoming sentences to customers. You can even enjoy wild dance performances by robots and other participants.

8. The Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

The Giraffe Manor
The Giraffe Manor Restaurant

Image Credits:- Brenna Holeman

On the outskirts of Nairobi, this Manor is a popular tourist attraction. There are usually 10 giraffes at the centre who usually visit in the morning and evening, poking their long necks into the windows in the hope of getting some good treats. Giraffe Manor has beautiful facades and elegant interiors and is a perfect place for a short weekend.

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